Learn exactly how the top entrepreneurs in the world use these tools and done for you strategies to start or transform any business into high 6, 7 or even 8 figure profit…


Activate 8

How this powerful accountably group is strategized to support you all the way to the top and beyond.

Activate 8 is small individual accountability group which you will be leveraging of each other support, learning’s and brain storming for short and long term. This group will strength the foundation of your business.
All done for you strategies will be shared with you through out the training. Dollar value $970 Lifetime Value PRICELESS


Your new Mastermind

  • You will be going on long supportive journey together.


  • How and why to be active in this group.

8 Training session

  • Guideline  to follow
  • 7 major strategies that you impact your life and your business even if you are procrastinator…

Live up Productive Masterclass

How to be 3 times more productive and effective to achieve higher results.

In this master class you be going to through shuffling your daily, weekly monthly or even annually task, measuring and change them as needed instead of allowing it managing you.  Dollar value $1,490 Lifetime Value PRICELESS

WARNING these tools and strategies will dramatically advance your life overall.


Finding your why and your purpose

  • Dig deep on why and refinr it tool
  • How to beging with final resualt in mind

Mastering your daily habits Worksheet.

  • How to use this most powerful to get more out of your life even if you procatstinator

Creating your own powerhouse affirmation and visualisation

  • How affirmation and visualisation works
  • Template to create and master your afiirmation

Focus training

  • Power of your thoughts and meditation.

How to 10X your energy by simple eating habits

  • power of super food that impacts your body, mind and thougths
  • How to hydrate effective to 10x your energy.
  • Which essential oil to use and why

Lead Generation Automation

Increase your leads by 500% under 1 hour per day

Lead generation on steroids under 1 hour per day. Through this powerful training you will learn how to execute and automate then outsource most of these strategies. Dollar value $2,170 Lifetime Value PRICELESS


How brand building and lead generation are siblings

  • How to strengthen your name, your brand in market place through lead generation

Finding what your clients searching for and needs are through keyword research

  • Keyword research for all your marketing
  • How these keywords will be used across all your marketing and product creation

Optimising and generating organic leads

  • Facebook Profile and pages
  • Google and Youtube
  • Linkedin and SlideShare
  • SEO and conetent
  • Videos and presentations
  • Plus many other tools…

Content marketing strategies

  • Done for you process map and step by step training
  • Done for you headline template with high open rate
  • Automate your content marketing to generate more leads and sales.
  • Optimising your content to rank in search engines

World Class Web Marketing

Developing a World Class Website with built in marketing with out paying 10’s of thousand to the gurus.

This training is for you to learn world class strategies to implement in your website with done for blueprint and templates. You can literally give these blueprint and templates to your junior or virtual assistance to implement it all for you after you.    Dollar value $4,900


Software training to prevent you from costly mistakes and save you tons of time.

  • Sales and landing funnels that literally generates money for you 24/7.
  • How to build a world class website.
  • Which software’s to use and why.
  • How to plug in all the software together.
  • Protect and maintain your digital assets.

Authentic email marketing 30 day challenge

  • Accelerate email list building with high open rates.
  • Learn how to automate your CRM with your courses, funnels & email marketing.
  • Software training and setting up your CRM
  • Creating your email auto responder with follow up emails

Referral Marketing

  • How to use these 8 strategies to authentically have your clients to generate more leads for you by providing more value for your clients

Search engine optimisation

  • How to find keywords that hasn’t been ranked “long tail keywords”.
  • How to optimise and verify your website with search engines.
  • How to optimise your content, photos, videos and infographics.
    Step by step strategy worksheet to follow without being overwhelmed
  • How to use google analytics techniques
    Strategies on link building internally and externally

Low cost high return digital advertising

  • How to find your perfect target audience.
  • How to build your target audience
  • How to leverage of the tools that Facebook provides you
  • How to build your strategies for adverting and use then scale it on Facebook and other advertising platform

Product Creation Mastery

Master creating informational products.

Creating and launching profitable informational products, eBook, Audible, workbook, courses, membership site, subscription site, workshops, seminars, inner circle or even mastermind. Done for you strategies with follow through checklist… Oh, once you have created you need to learn how to do the sales, marketing, launching it and sell out every time… Total value $4,900


How to create and launch your eBook, Audible

  • Creating your book can be daunting process, in this process you learn how create eBook, Audible step by step and launching it

How to create workbook, courses, membership site, subscription site, workshops

  • How to create and automated all these using the step by step mind map, you will how it’s all done then decide how which ways suits your needs.

How to create workshops, seminars, inner circle or even mastermind

  • As scary as this sounds, once you know all the strategies it will be heck lot easier.
  • How to create your presentation
  • How book the venue
  • How to make sure your audience get the best results
  • How make next level offer while delivering superb value

Team Building Made Easy

How to hire attitude of altitude

In this training one of our head coaches will teach you the process of all the documents and strategies you need to have in place to build your team with attitude of altitude. Total Value $1,490


Step by step who you need to hire and why

  • Check list on how to prevent hire the wrong person.
    Hiring the wrong person for any job can have a massive impact on your success, time & energy.

How to make sure they get works done right and on time.

  • How to process map all the tasks so anyone walks in your business can preform with you being there.

Group Coaching Plus Q&A

12 Months group coaching at next level

Weekly Group Coaching is the next level coaching which will go over your recent learning and help you execute you’re your current task. Total Value $11,000


Ongoing Updates

  • Ongoing updates and coaching for all the new strategies and systems etc

Live coaching

  • Biweekly live coaching

Live Q&A

  • Biweekly live Q&A

Recap of everything you get for FREE


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EXTRA BONUS Only for First 100.

Advance strategies to 10X your sales by working 10 hours less per week.  Valued at $4,900


Advance Lead Generation Automation.


Advance Product Creation


Advance Marketing Strategies


Advance Sales Strategies


Step by Step Flow Chart of All the Strategies

EXTRA BONUS Only for First 100.

Even if you cant make to this year even, you can use your pass for the next event.