World Class Web Marketing

is a Dedicated Team of Digital Strategists, Expert Content Writers, Web Development Geniuses and Tech Gurus…



Michael Janamian

Web Marketing Strategist

Helping businesses to create a powerful 24/7 online sales representative systematically at a fraction cost of a sales rep salary.
Having a pool of knowledge and a toolbox filled with programs, software, tools, techniques & tips “3T’s”, to turn any project into an automated gold mine…
The quality of the question we ask to implement your project scope will elevate how well you know your business and how much you are leaving on table for your competitors.


Steve Guru

Telecommunications Network Engineer

With over 25 years of experience delivering quality solutions in the Technology Market, inclusive of Microsoft, Apple, Linux and much more, Steve is one of the top gurus in Data Storage, Internet Speed enhancement, Disaster Recovery and dedicated Hosting with dedicated Virtual Private Servers.